Affordable Yoga Classes in The Philippines

Affordable Yoga Classes in The Philippines

Marichi Yoga offers affordable online yoga classes in the Philippines, which is not a burden for their pockets. Yoga in the Philippines helps individuals of all ages on a physical, mental, and even spiritual level. It may have several benefits; it can help alleviate tension in the body, relieve muscular pains, and improve blood circulation, breathing, and flexibility.

Marichi yoga offers both group and private courses at a reasonable price. We practice Hatha Yoga, which integrates breathing, embodiment, as well as the mind. We also conduct Vinyasa Yoga, which has the advantage of assisting in the development and maintenance of strong bones, muscles, and connective tissue necessary for a healthy metabolism, proper posture, and an active body. Marichi Yoga Philippines also does Yin Yoga, which aims to enhance circulation in the joints and flexibility, as well as to alleviate stress. It may also assist to relax and balance physical and mental health.

For those looking to expand their knowledge and expertise of yoga in the Philippines, we also provide the best yoga teacher training. We offer a variety of yoga teacher training courses, including Yin Yoga Workshops and 200-hour yoga teacher training (can be private training or group training). Yoga teacher training highlights the value of our experience and the development of our students’ process for them to become better instructors and to adhere to our approaches, as well as techniques that yoga teachers may employ in a range of situations. Yoga classes in the Philippines are sequenced according to the functional anatomy of yoga poses, allowing instructors to be creative while still meeting students’ requirements for endurance, versatility, and security.

Choose Marichi Yoga, which delivers and charges a very low rate for teacher training and yoga practices. We value and respect our students from Metro Manila, Cebu Province, Davao Province, Soccsksargen, and Surigao and to some other parts of the Philippines. Marichi Yoga ensures that self-care is promoted and encouraged.

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