Yoga in Davao as a Safe Haven from Life’s Storms

Yoga in Davao as a Safe Haven from Life’s Storms

The reason Why Yoga in Davao serves as a haven from life’s storms is that it’s one of the only ways to make us feel better.

Storms are chaotic, wondrous occasions. The brief period of stillness before the clouds sweep in, the wind howls, and the rain begins to fall is filled with tranquillity. It is the pause after the earth’s inhalation—and the pause before the earth’s exhalation. It is a moment of complete acceptance; the planet is on the verge of weeping, and we are all aware of it. It’s the point at which we accept that it will occur and all we can do is be satisfied with what follows.

Yoga in Davao practice entails discovering “contentment” or “full acceptance” with your body. You’d think that practicing happiness in our life would make us complacent, wouldn’t you? It’s natural to lose motivation when we’re satisfied, we reason. This, however, is a self-deception. By feeling whole in ourselves, we have a stronger willingness to care for our bodies. When we embrace who we are, it becomes second nature to take care of ourselves. Marichi Yoga aspires to provide us with what we so much need as Davaoeño: self-confidence.

When you’re in a challenging posture with Marichi Yoga in Davao, visualize a storm in all its chaotic glory. It might be chaos, yet it is also perfect in its own right. And lovely, despite the shambles. Utilize that chaotic energy to propel you into the posture and into that state of tranquility before collapsing, laughing, and continuing. Consider yourself fortunate to be where you are. It is the only way, like clouds in a storm, to propel oneself ahead. Complete and whole, yet still expanding. Still locating vitality and movement—as well as tranquility.

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